Mt Media Trend SA has been founded in 1998 as specialized operator in supplying and servicing multimedia systems made by the best manufacturers in the world. Mt Media Trend identifies and selects worldwide all the products to propose to the customers on  best performances and best price/performances ratio basis.

Mt Media Trend operates a second severe selection on some products offered to the customers through a special line branded MTVision, targeted to professional users.

Mt Media Trend provides to select the products sold in the line MTVision in terms of higher brightness, uniformity and contrast  and to certify these values on a personalized document if requested by the customer. Mt Media Trend provides also to burn for two hours the products sold in the line MTVsion in order to test all the features and to check the efficiency of all  accessories  (cables and remote control). Mt Media Trend includes in the package of MTVision products  some essential tools not always supplied by the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)  like a clear user paper manual, soft and hard case  and cables for all  applications.

All the MTVision projectors are supported by a” friendly warranty condition” of three years including a free service of swapping for the first year.  In addition the extension of swapping service for the second and the third year is available on request.

All the MTVision products are supported by a call center operating 24/24 hours and 7/7days in order to help customers  not only for technicals but also to solve all the needs of the customers.

The mission of Mt Media Trend with the Mtvison products is to put the customer in absolute operational security without any trouble regarding  the use and the management of multimedia products.